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  1. Premium Digital Soft Starter

    Best in Class IEC Soft Starter
    With built-in full motor overload protection as well as full data logging, field serviceable fans, upgradeable firmware and extensive input/output programmability, VMX-synergy? meets all of the key design criteria.

    Easy of Use
    The display will show all messages in full and 15 different global languages. The use of graphic/schematic
    images and active mimic diagrams will facilitate complete understanding. Detailed logging will aid setup
    and onboard USB allows configurations to be upload/downloaded and emailed.

    Auto Configuration
    The automatic functionality has been expanded so that more features can be configured without referring
    to parameter lists.

    Energy Savings
    Energy optimizing is combined with bypass to give energy saving in more applications.

    Automatic Load Tuning
    The VMX-Synergy? will ‘tune’ itself to the load.

    Touch Screen
    The VMX-synergy? comes standard with a color touch screen on all sizes.

    AC Supply Voltage: 200 - 480 Vac

    HP Ratings: 10 to 400 HP

    Amp Ratings: 17 to 477 Amps

    Application: 42 Profiles.

    Energy Savings: iERS System

    Bypass: Built-in

    Call us for pricing and availabilty.


    iERS – intelligent Energy Recovery System
    iERS is an advanced motor control technology for use in fixed speed applications. It is proven to reduce the energy consumed in a variety of industrial and commercial applications and has been implemented in every market from HVAC to Oil and Gas. In the industrial sector it is becoming increasingly important to offer technology that meets the corporate social responsibilities of companies as well as reducing the overall running costs of equipment and minimizing downtime and maintenance. iERS is a technology that matches the power consumption to the load required. It intelligently monitors and regulates energy consumption on fixed speed motors. It also monitors the voltage, current and power factor during the start to calculate the full load figures. During the running stage, the power factor continues to be monitored.

    When the power factor drops, the motor is lightly loaded, and there are losses inherent in the design of a motor causing excess energy to be wasted. These are known as excitation losses. iERS’s consistent monitoring automatically recognises these costly losses, and in turn reduces the voltage and current, to not only increase the part load power factor, but to reduce the energy consumption in kW and allow motor to run cooler. When the power factor increases, the motor is more loaded. iERS then automatically bypasses itself to remove any losses within the equipment.

      Power Components
      6 SCRs in inverse parallel pairs for full phase angle soft start control

      Line Voltage Range
      200 to 480 VAC, 3 phase +10% -15% on all units,

      Current Ratings
      17 - 477A depending on unit selection

      Control Voltage
      User supplied 110/230VAC +10% -15% tolerance, 60Hz
      Optional 240VDC

      Standard on all units

      IP20/NEMA 1, IP00

      Full motor overload with Memory
      Standard Trip Class 10: 3 x 23 secs or 3.5 x 17 secs
      3 or 5 starts per hour (Trip Class 20 and 30 programmable)

      Energy Savings
      ERS - intelligent Energy Recovery System as standard

      - 4 x programmable output relays
      - 3 x programmable digital inputs
      - Analog input / outputs
      - USB for data logging and parameter setting/saving
      - Thermistor

      Full Automatic Setup

      Data Logging
      Life Time Application Event Logging Diagnostics
      Comprehensive data logging

      Touch Screen
      3.5” Full Color Touch Screen

      Select from 15 Languages

      Modbus RTU Standard
      Options available for:
      - Modbus TCP
      - Profibus DP
      - Ethernet/IP