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  1. Products

    Low Voltage Soft Starters
    Our low voltage soft starters offer controlled starting of AC induction or synchronous motors reducing mechanical stress on the motor and shaft.

    Input voltage range: 208 ~ 690VAC
    Power range: up to 1,200HP (1250A)

    Medium Voltage Soft Starters
    Medium voltage soft starters for controlled starting of medium voltage AC induction or synchronous motors.

    Input voltage range: 2300 ~ 15KV
    Power range: up to 20,000HP (800A)

    Motor Protection
    AC Induction Motor protection, motor power, voltage, current metering, RTD (Resistor Temperature Detector) and differential current monitoring.

    Electronic Motor Brakes
    Electronic Motor Brakes are designed to eliminate dangerous coast-to-stop times of rotating machines and equipment. Our brakes meet OSHA, ANSI, Canadian and other safety codes covering the hazards of rotating machines.

    Input voltage range: 200 ~ 600VAC
    Power range: up to 1,000HP (1250A)

    Motor Winding Heater Control
    Our motor winding heater control products offer a cost effective solution preventing condensation build-up in AC induction motors. By applying a low level current to the motor windings during extended shut down periods our products keeps AC induction motors warm and moisture-free.

    Input voltage range: 200 ~ 480V
    Power range: up to 800HP

    Voltage and Current Transformers
    Ansi / non-Ansi rated current transformers and low/medium voltage transformers.

    Voltage class: 600 ~ 15kV

    MV Contactors
    MVF Series medium voltage three-phase vacuum contactors.

    Voltage range: 7.2 ~ 12kV
    Power range: up to 800A

    Phase Controllers
    Phasetronics Single and Three Phase SCR Power Control features phase angle control to provide smooth proportional output power from 0-100%.

    Input voltage range: 120 ~ 575V
    Current rating: up to 1000A