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  1. The Motortronics Team

    Motortronics is making great strides toward developing the best sales organization in the industry. In addition to our corporate sales staff, the company’s objective is to select the best independent sales representatives and then support them with in depth training and excellent products and sales support. These sales representative organizations consist of a unique group of highly experienced industry professionals who are well respected in their assigned territories. Most of the Motortronics sales representatives started their own companies after having worked in the industry for one or more motor control industry leaders. They know what it takes to be successful in business and how to take care of their customers.

    While many of Motortronics sales representatives are highly qualified technical people in their own rights, these sales professionals are also supported by knowledgeable product and application specialists at the factory and the Motortronics field service technicians who travel throughout the world. Motortronics field sales and service people are ready to help you or your customer, no matter where the equipment is located.

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